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Pastrami Tri-Tip

Recently I cooked up a pastrami Tri-Tip which was one of those cooks that I was a little leery about since I knew there was a longer than normal time commitment to cure it and get it right.

Ribeye Rub Recipe

I had a favorite rub that I would use on ribeyes and other steaks that I would buy every time I visited Monterrey California. There was a little place on the wharf called “For Garlic Lovers.” You’d think it would then be a very garlicky but it really wasn’t.

Santa Maria Tri-Tip

Living in central California, one of the cuts of meat I have cooked the most is the Tri-tip.  I had actually never heard of Tri-tip until I moved to this area. It wasn’t a thing where I lived the first 13 years of my life even though I grew up around cows and a freezer …