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Pesto Shrimp

I recently posted a photo of our pesto slathered shrimp on Instagram and many said they wanted the recipe. I’m fortunate to have an awesome wife that loves to garden. We have basil growing and often she’ll make pesto and add our fresh basil leaves to it.

Smoked Deviled Eggs

When it comes to cooking, I’d say I’m more of a “bull in a china shop” type of cook.  Give me some meat and I’ll make it great (insert manly man grunts here). If it involves finesse and patience I’m probably not your guy….usually.

Pastrami Tri-Tip

Recently I cooked up a pastrami Tri-Tip which was one of those cooks that I was a little leery about since I knew there was a longer than normal time commitment to cure it and get it right.

Ribeye Rub Recipe

I had a favorite rub that I would use on ribeyes and other steaks that I would buy every time I visited Monterrey California. There was a little place on the wharf called “For Garlic Lovers.” You’d think it would then be a very garlicky but it really wasn’t.