Crowd Cow delivery!

I received this delivery from Crowd Cow. I found their story to be quite  interesting. The founder essentially decided to mix the crowd funding style of business with a meat / butcher service. What they do is put up a cow to sell and people share parts of that cow until it is completely sold.

Here is what I ordered (copied straight from their website):

Glorious Grill Share x 1: At over 6 pounds, here’s a mix made for your next grill party. The chuck eye steak is the little brother of the ribeye, with excellent marbling at a great value. Our kalbi-style short ribs are delicious and so easy to make — pick your favorite marinade and toss them on the grill. And our juicy, premium the burger patties are just a couple of flips away from perfection. This share includes 2.5 lbs of Chuck Eye Steak, 2 lbs of Kalbi-style Short Ribs, and four thick and juicy 1/2 pound premium burger patties.

2 Pound Rib Steak  x 1 – Pack your appetite for this impressive 32-ounce Rib Steak. The thick-cut, well-marbled behemoth is sure to fill you up bite after mouthwatering bite.

Check out Crowd Cow here. If you use this link to make your first purchase they’ll throw in a free LB of ground beef with your order.

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