Pastrami Tri-Tip

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Recently I cooked up a pastrami Tri-Tip which was one of those cooks that I was a little leery about since I knew there was a longer than normal time commitment to cure it and get it right.

The first thing to answer is “Why a Tri-tip?”  Why not another piece of meat?  The simple answer is I had a lot of Tri-tip at the time.  I usually buy my Tri-tip in large sealed bags of 4 or 5.  I also knew that I had some time to plan and I could get it right.

If you aren’t familiar with the exact process, which was new to me as well, pastrami needs to be cured for several days.  So I had my meat curing for 10-11 days before taking it out.  I rotated my meat every day to make sure it was curing as evenly as possible.  Here is the whole recipe that I used.

After slicing mine up I went outside for something….meanwhile my wife made my son a sandwich using the pastrami. He always adds Five Monkey’s BBQ sauce to everything (I add it to ALMOST everything) and I came back in and he told me I HAD to try it.  I usually keep my pastrami sandwiches simple.  Maybe some mustard and sometimes some mayonnaise.  But this time I decided to listen to my 8 year old’s advice.  It hit the spot!


  1. I have a tri tip… And I love pastrami…
    I can’t tell by reading how it came out — was it worth the effort?
    Would you make it again?

  2. Great recipe. Tastes delicious.

  3. How many lbs of meat ?

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