Ribeye Rub Recipe

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I had a favorite rub that I would use on ribeyes and other steaks that I would buy every time I visited Monterrey California. There was a little place on the wharf called “For Garlic Lovers.” You’d think it would then be a very garlicky but it really wasn’t. I’ll tell you right now that it is a salt based rub. I am actually a big fan of salt. I realize that some people aren’t. But one of the things I did with this rub was get it on my steaks 4 or more hours in advance to let that salt really soak in. Doing it this far in advance, and with the right amount, the steaks do not taste salty at all. In fact, the flavor is really enhanced.  For more on this method of salting you steak check out Amazing Ribs on dry brining.

Back to the rub itself. One day I ran out of rub and a family member of mine was in Monterrey. So I got online to see if the store was open at the time so I could have this family member grab me some and google told me that the store was permanently closed.  So instead of giving up, I went to my empty “For Garlic Lovers” container and stared at the ingredients. They were all right there…but of course they didn’t give me the exact amounts.  So that was my mission.

The recipe below is my second attempt at getting it exact…but exact or not, this one worked fantastically on my 32oz Crowd Cow ribeye. If you haven’t heard me tout their amazing beef yet then here I go again:  YOU NEED TO ORDER SOME YOURSELF! This grass-fed dry-aged beef is second to none. And thankfully if you order through a special link they gave me you can get a free pound of ground beef with your order. I’m telling you…it is beyond words!  Order here!

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