I really appreciate you visiting my page. As you can see, I love to showcase a few of my passions here and on social media.

Back in the early 1990s my dad purchased his first pellet grill. It was a Traeger “Big Tex.” He was shown what food could taste like from his brother. When my uncle cooked up some steaks for my dad and my mom, my dad was immediately sold on the value of a pellet grill.  My family has owned them ever since.

Around 2001 my parents gave me my own pellet grill for Christmas which was simply a newer version of the one my dad had owned and loved. I was still young and just used it like a regular BBQ and never really tried to get the most out of my cooks until a little later when I had a family of my own.

Today, I own several different style of grills including a Green Mountain Grill pellet grill. What drew me to GMG was the technology and affordability of the grills and I am thrilled I made the switch.

Now, when I am not out camping with the family, I spend my extra time around my grill trying to perfect each type of meat that I’m working with at the time. I hope that my photos, videos and other material help motivate you to do the same.