Chuck Eye Steaks with Jalapeno Chimichurri Sauce

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I grilled up some amazing chuck eye steaks from Crowd Cow this past weekend. I imagine over my lifetime that I’ve had chuck eyes before, however I’ve personally never cooked them. Crowd Cow did NOT disappoint. I cannot stress enough how good their meat tastes. Call me sheltered or call me whatever you want, but I’m not used to dry-aged beef. I’ve seen it on menus and heard about it, but I’ve never really experienced it like this. It is next level stuff and I highly recommend it!

But back to the chuck eyes. I cooked these exactly like I’d cook a ribeye.  First I seasoned with Susie-Q all around seasoning. I let them sit for about 2 – 4 hours seasoned which is standard for me.

On the Traeger, I smoke them for about a half hour or so before bumping the temp up a bit. I set it at 225 and cooked until the internal was about 125. Then I took them off the grill and reverse seared them in a cast iron skillet full of butter.  The results were out of this world!

I topped my chuck eyes with a jalapeno chimichurri sauce.

Before jumping into the recipe, don’t forget that you can get a free pound of dry aged ground beef from Crowd Cow by clicking here: 1lb FREE!

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